Velonova is a fast-growing technology consulting and subcontracting company
focusing on two main areas:

Velonova is attracting attention from the leading High-Tech companies to support and upgrade their conventional web and intranet sites to Web 2.0 enhanced web applications.

Web 2.0 Web Application Services
Web 2.0 Web Application Services

Velonova internet consulting provides you the latest internet technologies.

Realize your static or dynamic web sites with one of our web development services.

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Embedded Systems
Project Suupport - Subcontracting

At Velonova our embedded systems team consists of only highly qualified indivuduals who have deep technical knowledge and know-how in related fields. Velonova focuses on subcontracting projects as well as it provides its experts to cooparated companies for in-house development.

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iPhone App Development Services
Project Suupport - Subcontracting


Don't miss out new iPhone era.
At Velonova we can support you to develop a tailored iPhone App.

Our mobile web developemnt services can also support you with iPhone adaptation of your web site.

Contact us now for iPhone development.


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